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Welcome to the Langara WCOnline tutoring platform.

If this your first visit, please register for an account.
If you already have an account with the Writing Centre you still need to make one here.  Your email address and password can be the same.

To sign up for tutoring sessions or to see schedules by subject, login and navigate to the schedule you are interested in.  The schedule will have colour coded timeslots-

  • White are times available for booking
  • Grey are times the centre is closed
  • Red are times that are already booked by someone else
  • Yellow are times that you have scheduled an appointment

Clicking on a White timeslot allows you to signup for a 30 minute session with a tutor.

To join your scheduled tutoring session, click on the Yellow timeslot at the time you signed up for and join the session from the popup window.

To talk to the tutor you will need BOTH a mic and a webcam.  You can disable your video when you are in the session if you do not wish to use it.  If you do not have a mic or a webcam, you can join the tutoring session and use text chat only.

To leave the tutoring session just close the tab or browser window.  You can rejoin a tutoring session in the same way you joined it originally.

Click here for a short guide to using WCOnline:  WCOnline Quick Guide

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